concetto milanese

Garść wspomnień z Mediolanu, który udało mi się ostatnio odwiedzić na chwilę. Prócz 'klasyków' mediolańskich i różnej maści turystycznych 'must see', typu Duomo, La Scala czy Ostatnia Wieczerza, była to również - a może nawet przede wszystkim - wyprawa po wrażenia wizualne. Te z kolei poszły w parze z kilkoma kulinarnymi uciechami:

Wallpaper* guide let us discover Lula Cioccolato, located quite close to the city centre. It offers a lot of colorful chocolate pleasures and sweet souvenirs from Milano.
It wasn't easy to leave Treinnale Design Museum as well ... and I mean not only great exhibition about 7 obsessions of Italian Design and very well-stocked bookstore, but also cafe, in which every chair was different (ok - almost;):
A good idea in Milano is visitting the most cutting-edge bakery Princi. It 's really unusual, designed by Claudio Silvestrin as a performing bakery, so U can drink brilliant coffee, eat best quality pastry and watch baker's work at the same time! Just imagine elegant minimalism, sacks of flour behind huge windows , which is like a stage and 16-meters long wooden counter full of eatable masterpieces (not only sweet).We weren't unpredictable and for a dinner we just chose pastas: Conchigile tonno et olive and Fusilli alla sorrentina. Last, but not least I'm adding a photo of cream caramel, next day's desert from cheap restaurant for locals, where we also had original staff like pizza, lasagna and seafood salad - in Milano fishes and seafood are very popular and omnipresent.

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